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HAP14000 Human Albumin Powder - Diagnostic Grade
SourceCohn Fractionation of Human Source Plasma
FormLyophilized Powder
ProteinGreater than or equal to 98% (Nitrogen Analyzer)
PurityGreater than 97% (Cellulose Acetate Electrophoresis)
MoistureLess than 5% by Karl Fischer
Residual PolymersLess than 3% (Cellulose acetate electrophoresis)
The following determined in 6 % aqueous solution:
pH6.5 - 7.5
ENDOTOXIN (LAL-chromogenic)Less than 20 EU/ml
AppearanceYellowish White Powder
StorageShort Term: Room Temperature
Long Term: 2°C to 8°C
Each donor unit used in the preparation of the product was tested and found negative for HBsAG, HIV, and HCV and a test for Syphilis with kits approved by the FDA.
All donor units are collected in donor centers located in the United States which are licensed by the FDA.
All blood products should be handled and treated as potentially infectious.
For Research Purposes Only

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