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Liquid Basal Medium Pack Size
LM1000 MEM (Minimum Essential Medium Eagle), 1X with Earle's salts & L-glutamine 6x500mL
LM1001 DMEM (Dulbecco's Modification of Eagle's Medium), 1X with 4.5 g/L glucose, L-glutamine & sodium pyruvate 6x500mL
LM1002 RPMI 1640, 1X with L-glutamine 6x500mL
LM1003 DMEM/F12 50:50 Mix, 1X with L-glutamine 6x500mL
LM1004 Iscove's Modifcation of DMEM, 1X with L-glutamine & 25 mMM HEPES 6x500mL
LM1005 L-15 Media, 1X with L-glutamine 6x 500mL
LM1006 McCoy's 5A, 1X with L-glutamine 6x500mL
LM1007 F12K Nutrient Mixture, 1X with L-glutamine 6x50 mL

Balanced Salt Solutions Pack Size
SS1000 HBSS, 1X without Ca, Mg, & Phenol Red 6x500mL
SS1001 DPBS, 1X without Ca & Mg 6x500mL
SS1002 PBS, 1X without Ca & Mg 6x500mL
SS1003 PBS, 1X without Ca & Mg 6x1L

Supplements and Reagents Pack Size
SR1000 Sodium Pyruvate, 100 mM Solution 6x100mL
SR1001 L-Glutamine, 200 mM Solution (29.23 mg/mL) 6x100mL
SR 1002 MEM Nonessential Amino Acids, 100X Solution 6x100mL
SR1003 Sodium Bicarbonate 7.5% (w/v) solution 6x100mL
SR1004 Cell Culture Grade Water (WFI Quality) 6x500mL
SR 1005 Cell Culture Grade Water (WFI Quality) 6x1L
SR1006 HEPES (1M Solution) 6x100mL
SR1007 Trypan Blue Solution, 0.4% (w/v) in normal saline 1x100mL

Dissociation Solutions Pack Size
DS1000 Trypsin EDTA (0.05% Trypsin/0.53 mM EDTA): 1X, in HBSS without Ca & Mg and Sodium Bicarbonate / Porcine Parovirus Tested 6x100mL
DS1001 Trypsin EDTA (0.25% Trypsin / 0.1% EDTA): 1X, in HBSS without Ca & Mg and Sodium Bicarbonate / Porcine Parovirus Tested 6x100mL

Cell Separation Solutions Pack Size
CS1000 Lymphocyte Separation Media 1x100mL

Antibiotics & Antimycotics Pack Size
AA1000 Penicillin-Streptomycin Solution 10,000 I.U. Penicillin, 10,000 mg/mL Streptomycin 6x100mL
AA1001 Amphotericin B, 250 ug/mL solubilized 6x50mL
AA1002 Gentamicin Sulfate 50 mg/mL Solution 10x10mL

Selection Antibiotics Pack Size
SA1000 Hygromycin B 50 mg/mL 1x20mL
SA1001 Puromycin Dihydrochloride, Powder 1x100g
SA1002 G418 Sulfate Soln. (50 mg/mL active drug) 1x20mL
SA1003 G418 Sulfate Powder 1x5gm

Molecular Reagents Pack Size
MR1000 Molecular Grade Water 6x1L

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